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Afnor Stamps

AFNOR contact washers, Type M

Washer for heavy type spring-plated bolts…

Washer for heavy type spring-plated bolts

Sealed Stamps

Gasket pulu for hexagonal bolts

Flat Washer

Washer (for wood work)

Safety Seals

Sealing rings, Type “S”

Spacer for Square Sections Square Washer

Square cutter for U sections

Conical Spring Washer

Conical spring washer (dish washer)

Ondüla spring washer

Ondüla Wavy spring washer

Stamp layer

Stamp layer


Gear Lock Washer


Tasks, staples

Knurled Lock Washer

Sparkle lock washer sparse, type A

Knurled Locking Ring Spacer

Knurled lock washer spindle, type A

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